COVID-19 Vaccine wait list update

Richland County COVID-19 vaccine wait list 618-320-1082, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Our office has experienced a decrease in the vaccine allotment for Richland County first doses. Therefore, no first dose vaccination clinics are scheduled at this time. Second dose clinics will be held as scheduled and are not affected by the shortage.

We are currently administering first doses to individuals on the wait list as doses become available. The wait list is open to individuals who live or work in Richland County and belong to one of the following categories:

Age 65 or older

• Frontline essential worker (Below are examples of frontline workers within the eligible categories for Phase 1b)

o First responders – Fire, law enforcement, 911 worker, security personnel, school officer

o Education – K-12 teacher, school administrator, student support staff, student aide, day care worker and center-based child care provider, home visiting provider, early intervention therapists, Head Start/Early Head Start provider, Preschool for All providers

o Food and agriculture – Processing plants, veterinary health, livestock services, animal care

o Manufacturing – Industrial production of goods for distribution to retail, wholesale, or other manufacturers

o Corrections workers and incarcerated individuals – Correctional officer and staff, jail officer and staff, juvenile facility staff, a worker providing inperson support or services, incarcerated individuals

o U. S. Postal Service worker

o Public transit worker – Flight crew, bus driver, train conductor, taxi driver, para-transit driver, in-person support, ridesharing service driver

o Grocery store worker – Bagger, cashier, stocker, pickup, customer service

Shelters and adult day care staff – Homeless shelter, women’s shelter, adult day/drop-in program, sheltered workshop

Priority 1b Plus Population Description:

Persons with specific health-complicating conditions or status.

• Eligible Conditions

o Obesity

o Diabetes

o Pulmonary Diseases

o Smoking

o Heart Conditions

o Chronic Kidney Disease

o Cancer

o Solid Organ Transplant

o Sickle Cell Disease

o Pregnancy

• Persons with a Disability